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4.3 Training for consumers and producers

The benefits of the products of the dehesa and montado are evident. These products are of high quality and healthy, but it is necessary to add the added value to them in an agri-food sector in continuous change and evolution.

In these times of crisis, production must adapt to the requirements of markets, which demand food with a good quality/price ratio but with guaranteed quality and food safety standards. Therefore, it is necessary to make, with training, that agricultural production companies and agri-food industries are aware of the need for continuous innovation, either through the improvement of existing products or obtaining new products, or through optimization of processes. On the other hand, it is also necessary to make visible the benefits of the products of the dehesa and montado to consumers. To do so, a study has been made on consumer tastes nationally and internationally and it has been complemented with training for them on the environmental values of the products of the dehesa/montado.

Taking into account the high number of variables derived from the high number products and services offered by the dehesa and montado, it is considered necessary to resort to Big Data analysis to study the trends and profiles of the different consumers of these products. With the results of this analysis a European market introduction study it’s been carried out obtaining data from the different European countries that provide information on the best promotion and marketing techniques of the products.